Partena vzw & HDP

Client summary

Partena vzw & HDP

Sector: HR, Consulting & Services

Client’s target group: B2B, B2C

Luna’s role: PR Partner, Content marketing & Copywriting Partner

Activities: Press relations, Crisis communication, E-mail shots

Period: 2011 – 2012

Region: Belgium


Luna handled all communications relating to the merger between Partena and HDP (Hulp Der Patroons) for all target groups (press, staff, partners and customers). We also served as the PR partner of Partena’s social secretariat (Partena Professional).

Luna drew up a comprehensive communication plan for the merger, in which we identified the messages and communication phases for each of the target groups.

With respect to media communications, an initial press release was issued to announce the merger plans, followed by a second press release confirming that the merger had gone ahead. A large number of interviews were held to discuss the merger, and we also communicated the name that had been chosen for the new group.

In the area of internal and external communication, Luna produced and distributed separate personalised e-mail shots for Partena and HDP, and for each department, each type of customer and each partner involved in the process. Given the sensitive nature of the matter being communicated, Luna sent the e-mail shots in the names of Partena and HDP in accordance with a strict schedule. Obviously the staff were unaware of the merger talks, and communication activities aimed at staff were also divided into two phases.

This merger was an emotive issue, partly because the group to which Partena belonged included a health insurance fund and HDP had been linked to a different health insurance fund. Moreover, the social secretariats were facing difficult times, but this fact was not supposed to be included in the messages communicated when explaining the reasons for the merger.