Luna – communication activities

Luna - Communication Activities

A presence in the traditional media gives you a strong, credible visibility among a large audience that includes potential customers outside your own network as well as new employees. The media are intermediate parties through which you can reach other target groups and benefit from a multiplier effect.

Communicating effectively with the press requires the right expertise and the right contacts. It also requires the right content, which we can help you identify. At Luna, we can handle your press communications from start to finish. This includes coming up with topics with a high news value, writing press releases, providing a comprehensive follow-up by phone and collecting published articles.

Naturally we keep a close eye on the constantly evolving media landscape. In this context, we draw on our extensive press database and excellent contacts with journalists. Our proactive approach maximises the attention your news receives in the media that are relevant to you.

Finally, our media training enables you to make the most of every interview. You gain a greater understanding of how to prepare for interviews, how to keep control of a conversation and how best to deal with trick questions.
Remember that regular contact with the press will allow you to gain access to the press more quickly in the event of a crisis.

When it comes to important positive or negative corporate communications on matters such as takeovers, redundancies, management buyout, strikes or other situations, a small misunderstanding can soon turn into a PR disaster.

Every significant change within an organisation causes uncertainty and could be misinterpreted. You can get everyone on board by preparing effectively in good time and communicating the right story in a proactive manner. It is important that you are the party that initiates communication, particularly in the event of bad news, as this forces other parties to place matters in the context that you have sketched.

Has the damage already been done? We can still help you follow the flow of information and respond to negative reports. In other words, we can help you limit the damage.

Some tips:

  • No matter how bad the news you have to deliver may be, make sure you think carefully about positive strategic messages. The only thing that works is positive communication.
  • Define your target groups in a way that enables mass customisation.
  • Pay proper attention to your internal communication. Well-informed, motivated employees will also provide the right information to third parties.
  • We can help you draw up a communication timeline that covers all your target groups.
  • Make sure that all the messages you send through various channels are geared to each other. After all, your staff and customers read the newspapers too.
  • Arrange media training and a photographer in good time.
  • When bad news needs to be announced, gaining access to the press is easier if you already have regular contact with them.
Luna - Website

A website is still your company’s main calling card, even in today’s media-saturated world, as it is not form but content that matters most. A good website has a logical structure, contains SEO-optimised texts, provides clear, concise information on what you do and gives the red-carpet treatment to the prospects and candidates you are interested in. Regularly publishing news or blogs will also improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Are you thinking about setting up a new website, or do you want to use content marketing to attract visitors to your website? Do you want to use your website in a recruitment campaign? We will be happy to advise you. We can also produce appealing content to make your website (or intranet) more dynamic and interesting. We can write news items or blogs for you on a regular basis, and we can provide you with a first-rate translation that reads as if it were written in the reader’s native language.

Luna - Newsletters

Whether you want to stay in touch with your many contacts, be top of mind among your prospects and suspects, or maintain contact with your existing customers to enable cross-selling: an external newsletter can help you achieve your goal. The secret is to give people information that is useful to them, and to tell them more about your business and your offer in the margins. People will be happy to give consent if they think the information they receive in return is worth it.

We can help you to identify the right topics and can supply professional texts and translations. We start with the content, as we do in all our activities, and  take care of the layout and distribution of your newsletter.

Luna - Email Shots

Does your organisation need to send e-mail shots that ask the recipient to take action, such as attend an event, download content, arrange a meeting or register for a promotional campaign? If you want to win people over, a professional approach needs to be taken in every area, including copywriting, layout and distribution. We can suggest clickbait topics that appeal to your target group, and can strike the right tone to ensure people want to carry on reading. In this way, you can obtain excellent results from your commercial mailshots, both online and offline.

Luna - Testimonials

Customer cases, or testimonials, are an excellent communication tool that you can use to grow your business, especially when it comes to B2B commerce. After all, no one wants to walk into a restaurant that has no customers.

Customer cases use a specific example to illustrate what you do – and how you provide added value. In this way, your customer cases inspire potential new customers. Moreover, customer cases link your company’s name to the name of your customer. Customer stories that have been written by a professional are therefore the best form of publicity for your business. They are more persuasive than any form of advertising. After all, what someone else says about you is much more credible than anything you might say about yourself. Moreover, customer cases can be used in all your communication channels and can also serve as clickbait in a commercial mail shot or a Facebook campaign.

We will be happy to produce customer testimonial videos for you. Videos go down well with visitors to websites and on social media. We then produce a script, which we write in consultation with you and your customer, shoot the video (using your cameraman or ours) and supervise the editing process. We then use the video as part of your communication strategy. Written testimonials are also useful. These can be used for a wide range of communication tools, such as your website, newsletters, brochures or e-mail shots.

Internal communication greases the wheels of an organisation. Many CEOs fail to get their message across to their people on the shop floor. Good internal communication makes employees feel more connected to their employer. It ensures your group of employees can truly function as a team, and improves the atmosphere within the organisation, which leads to greater increases employee satisfaction. This in turn has a positive impact on productivity and staff turnover.

A successful company is built from the inside out. Include your people in your company’s story. Make sure that everyone feels they have a stake in what your organisation does, your core values and your vision. When people feel happy working for your company, they become motivated and are keen to continue to grow within your organisation. Good internal communication ensures that everyone is on the same page. The tools that can be used include tried-and-tested favourites, such as newsletters, blogs or an intranet, as well as also other tools such as Workplace (Facebook), Slack and Yammer. The choices are endless.

We also have relevant experience in the area of change communication. Getting your employees on board when you want to make a change is not a straightforward task. Motivating employees by communicating in the right way at the right time is at the heart of change communication. Taking the right approach ensures that the planned change will also be supported by employees and that they will be keen to get on board with the story, which is obviously vital if the planned change is to be successful.

Luna - Social Networks

Social media offers countless opportunities to market a business more effectively, generate leads, support recruitment and so on.

At Luna, we can map out a social media strategy for your business that is integrated with your other online and offline communication. We can create a social media presence for you, or make adjustments to make your existing presence more effective. We can produce a social media calendar for you and regularly write relevant news items or blogs and/or post them in your name. We can make videos specifically for your social media, or create an entire campaign that includes a competition, for example. Blogs work well on LinkedIn, provided they have been professionally written. We can also contact prospects directly through LinkedIn, acting in your name.

Blogs and other news items can be combined in a simple news section. Blogs can be written as an opinion piece, which means you can post ordinary news items as well as multiple blogs on important topics. If you wish, we can edit blogs that have been written by your colleagues to ensure they are concise and to the point. Alternatively, we can write a blog in your name, having briefly discussed the matter over the phone first.

In the context of employer branding, you can use blogs and social media concerning human interest stories to powerful effect.

In short, whether you are looking for advice on which social media to use and how to use them, for support in using social media for lead generation, or for someone to manage all your social media, we can help!

Luna - Campaigns

Sometimes an announcement or topic warrants a comprehensive communication campaign. This may be a digital campaign, a good old-fashioned (and therefore often highly effective) offline campaign, or a combination of the two.

Examples of campaign themes :

  • An image campaign for a product or organisation
  • An event or trade fair
  • The launch of a new product or new activities
  • Corporate communication relating to a significant event (such as an IPO or change of name)
  • A recruitment campaign
  • The opening of a new store
  • An election campaign

Examples of tools that can be used in such campaigns:

  • Web content
  • Press
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Social media (ordinary posts or a paid campaign)
  • SEA (Google AdWords)
  • Radio advertisements
  • Leaflets
  • Door drops

We will be happy to present a proposal for an efficient and effective campaign, based on your objectives. We opt for an approach that uses different tools which reinforce each other. We then provide you with guidance on the aspects you are looking to outsource, which can range from a single aspect to the entire process from start to finish.

Our society is strongly influenced by a culture of images. Visuals, shapes and colours play a key role in communication.
So it is essential to turn a creative strategy into strategic creation. That means devising far more than a basic design, and instead coming up with a visual representation of your vision and mission.
Your unique strengths are conveyed through these images, shapes and colours.
Graphic design contributes to achieving your communication goals.