Fank Energie Luna

Getting everybody excited about Frank Energy

Luna welcomed Frank Energie as a new customer. Frank Energie is a Dutch energy supplier for private individuals, active in Flanders. The company has its registered office in Antwerp and was founded in 2021 by Thomas Hulshof. In addition to being an energy supplier, Frank Energie is also a technology company that develops services that help consumers save on their energy costs by making optimal use of dynamic prices. Electricity is consumed at the hourly price, which is determined the day before on the wholesale market, the so-called ‘day ahead’ prices. By adjusting your consumption to the cheapest hours, you optimize your costs. Frank Energie claims as a price breaker that even with uncontrolled consumption you are better off with a dynamic contract.

Flexible energy use

Since the liberalization of the Belgian energy market in 2007, new energy suppliers have regularly come and gone. Yet the Flemish have not been in the habit of consciously comparing suppliers and contracts for very long. New players on the energy market therefore have every interest in establishing themselves from the outset and building relationships with relevant media. More than ever, they are being questioned from the start about their formulas, pricing, customer service, etc.

Central to our PR strategy is firstly to publicize the arrival of Frank Energie, and secondly to further explain the concept behind dynamic energy rates. Although the five largest energy suppliers are equally obliged to offer a dynamic formula, Frank Energie is the first player to consciously focus on it. Also for dynamic contracts, unknown is often unloved, and we definitely want to change that!

Awareness creation

The fact that momentum can now be created for this depends on several factors. First, there is the experience that Frank Energie has gained in the Netherlands and the – more or less forced – energy consumption awareness that we have all gone through since the start of the energy crisis. In addition, more and more smart meters will be added in Flanders in the coming years. Frank Energie already offers smart tools that can direct your energy consumption to the cheapest hours of the day, and it is expected that more tools will be added in the coming years to make everyone’s energy consumption more sustainable and cheaper. We are happy that we can be part of this energetic evolution!