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Employer branding

  • Do you find it hard to recruit enough people?
  • Do candidates not know enough about your organisation to be interested?
  • Do you struggle because candidates are deterred by aspects of your image that continue to persist?
  • Do you have the feeling that you might not be recruiting enough people owing to your choice of channels and/or content?
Employer Branding

The quality of its employees can make or break an organisation. Are you presenting your organisation as an appealing brand for potential employees and starting conversations with the right people?

Recruiting enough good people involves standing out from the competition. You can do this by allowing people to see inside your organisation and by actively communicating the right messages to the market in a professional manner. We work from the inside out to ensure authenticity. Your internal communication is also crucial, as your employees are your ambassadors in the market (including the labour market). Employer branding is therefore where internal and external communication intersect.

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