by Luna

gas.beClient summary

Industry: Utilities & Energy, Environment, Automotive & Mobility, Associations, Non-profit
Client’s target audience: B2C

Luna, what we do: Content marketing and business Development
Activities: Campaigns, E-mail shots, Websites, Social media and Blogs, Customer cases

Time frame:  2017-2018
Territory: Belgium


Luna developed and coordinated a campaign to promote CNG (natural gas for cars), one of the most ecological fuels today. The campaign included, amongst others:

  • A radio spot: we proposed the right partner to make the spot,
  • The creation of an animated video: we proposed the right partner to make the animation, we coordinated the selection of the actors for the voice over, we were present during the recording to select the best recordings for the different spots.
  • Development of web content: we wrote a couple of pages of content pieces, and integrated the different materials which were produced (animation and video’s). We coordinated with the client’s web agency
  • A brochure: we wrote the brochure and coordinated with the client’s lay-out agency for the design. We organised the distribution of the brochure to the CNG partners at the car expo in January.
  • Creating video’s. We spent three days in gas stations, interviewing CNG users on camera. We sent out an e-mailing to inform the known CNG users where we were going to be at which dates.
  • Creating facebook posts and a facebook competition with the testimonial video’s: the video with most likes won a prize.
  • An adwords (SEA) campaign: we coordinated with the client’s SEA specialist, we decided on the keywords and content.
  • Last but not least: we managed the budgets.

More cars on CNG were sold than ever before, and we saw the visits to our website soar. So yes, the campaign was a success!