Vormelek-Formelec (now known as Volta)

by Luna

Vormelek-FormelecClient summary

Sector: Education & Training, Construction
Luna’s role: PR Partner

Activity: Press relations
Period: 2012 – 2014

Region: Belgium


Luna arranged a PR campaign for Vormelek-Formelec (now known as Volta) as a tie in with the annual Elektro Challenge, a competition for young Belgian electricians. The aim of this campaign was to put the electrical sector in the spotlight and draw attention to the shortage of electricians in Belgium. Among other things, Luna presented a press campaign in which an opinion was expressed by Vormelek-Formelec. The title of this press campaign was:
Vormelek: Soon you’ll have to wait two years for an electrician
The campaign was a huge success and received coverage in more than 60 articles and television and radio reports.

Next, Luna carried out targeted press campaigns to make parents, children and teaching staff aware of the possibilities for following electrician training courses and the benefits such courses offer.

These press campaigns put a stop to the long-term decline at Vormelek-Formelec in the intake of students for electrician training courses, which saw an increase in enrolments for the very first time.