by Luna

LCL Your Data CenterClient summary

Sector: IT & Telecoms
Client’s target group: B2B

Luna’s role: PR Partner, Content marketing & copywriting Partner, Business development Partner
Activities: Press relations, Newsletters, E-mail shots, Social media & blogs, Customer cases, Crisis communication, Websites

Period: 2013 to date
Region: Belgium


LCL is one of the largest data centre businesses in Belgium, and has branches in Aalst, Antwerp and Diegem.
Luna has supported LCL in all its communications since 2013. This support involves providing plenty of advice and brainstorming on what to communicate, how to present specific matters and how to keep finding new topics for communications. We offer extensive assistance and come up with ideas for business development activities, PR and content marketing. We also provide LCL with support in the event of crisis situations to ensure communication with the public is handled properly.

We work with LCL on many external communication activities:

  • We proactively ensure frequent, high-quality coverage in the press and produce a qualitative overview of the published articles (title, media, language, commercial value and so on).
  • If a crisis occurs or a critical article about LCL is likely to appear in the press, Luna comes into action and takes steps to minimise negative coverage.
  • Luna produces external newsletters (ideas, composition and translation) and distributes them on a regular basis. The reports we produce on these newsletters give insight into recipients’ click behaviour. This provides useful information that can be used in future newsletters, bringing us full circle.
  • White papers (which can also be considered Luna’s proverbial cup of tea) are used to attract the attention of customers.
  • We also produce and distribute commercial e-mail shots aimed at clearly defined target groups.
  • High-level offline mail shots aimed at CxOs, which are overseen and/or handled by Luna, lead to high-level talks for the sales team.
  • We develop customer cases for the company’s target groups: corporate, government, carriers, and system integrators and service providers.
  • Luna identifies topics for blogs and produces the blog posts in English in close consultation with LCL or an expert. These blogs cover a wide variety of topics. Other blogs are written in the name of employees as part of the employer branding efforts.
  • We develop scenarios for corporate videos featuring LCL’s employees or customers, supervise the video shoot and the editing process, and arrange for subtitles to be provided in two languages.
  • Luna devised a survey and supervised the entire project, which included working with an external call centre. We also worked with the sales team to derive the maximum commercial benefit from the survey, ensuring LCL obtained the highest possible ROI.
  • Luna produced a briefing document for the new website, and led talks with several potential suppliers.

Luna provides LCL with peace of mind, as it can rely on Luna to follow up the communication activities and ensure that plans are carried out effectively.