by Luna

CTGClient summary

Sector: IT & Telecoms
Luna’s role: PR Partner, Employer branding Partner

Activities: Press relations, Crisis communication
Period: 2007 – 2016

Région: Belgium, Luxembourg, UK

Description : 

For nine years, Luna was CTG’s long-term partner when it came to generating visibility in the press.  In this context, we covered virtually everything an IT company might want to share with the world, including HR news, acquisitions and new products. One of our focus areas was employer branding. CTG had a particular interest in employer branding in the press, which in practical terms meant ensuring HR topics were covered in as many media as possible, including HR media.

Unfortunately, CTG found itself uncharacteristically in a situation where crisis communication was necessary. During this time Luna provided advice and assistance, especially in the area of media relations.

Luna also wrote a European newsletter, which was distributed as a Belgian version, an adapted version for Luxembourg and a third version for the UK. All these versions contained different articles and were published in different languages.

Quote: Filip Gydé, CEO of CTG Belgium in 2012: “CTG has worked with Luna since 2007 and we are very happy with the service they provide. For us, continuity and Luna’s ability to be realistic and get to the point are extremely important. Moreover, they provided us with swift, professional support in the area of crisis communication when we needed it. Luna helped us to communicate the right message and find the right tone during those hectic times.”