Client summary


Sector: ICT

Client’s target group: B2B

Luna’s role: Corporate communication partner

Activities: Press relations, Customer cases, Newsletters

Period:  2009 – 2016

Region: Belgium


Megabyte is a specialist in ICT solutions and services, IP telephony and telecommunications. Luna’s main task is to generate media attention through press releases and interviews. Megabyte is particularly interested in gaining visibility in the general press and business media, and to a lesser extent in specialist ICT media. Our collaboration with Megabyte is based on a long term strategy and we communicate ideas on a regular basis.
Luna was also involved in the strategy underlying Megabyte’s new image and proved to be a good intermediary for finding a suitable graphics partner. In addition, Luna produces customer cases and is also responsible for writing articles for the external newsletter.

François Bryssinck, Managing Director at Megabyte: “We are very pleased with the results and with our working relationship with Luna. We have had partnerships with other agencies in the past, but they never were as fruitful. Now we can finally say that we are happy with our communication agency.”