by Luna

EfficyClient summary

Sector: IT & Telecoms
Target group: B2B, B2C

Luna’s role: PR Partner, Employer branding Partner
Activities: Press relations, Customer cases, E-mail shots

Period: 2006 to date
Region: Benelux & France


Efficy is a Belgian CRM solution that is available on-premise and in the cloud. This software package can be used to manage contacts, customers, databases and marketing campaigns. Efficy helps its users by linking data semi-automatically, which enables them to retrieve data quickly.

The Efficy CRM software was created in 1998, when Luna was first engaged to handle PR projects for the company on an ad-hoc basis. Since then, the software package has been widely adopted and has undergone a transformation. Everything else might have changed, but Luna stayed on. Incidentally, we have used the Efficy CRM package ourselves ever since our early days.

Luna has worked on a wide variety of press announcements. Efficy made a number of acquisitions in the past few years, and called on Luna to handle contact with the press when the acquisitions were announced. In some of those acquisitions, we were responsible for an e-mail shot that was distributed to the company’s customers.

Luna also produced a number of customer cases for Efficy. In addition, we worked on increasing Efficy’s visibility in the Dutch-language HR press with the aim of helping the IT company find Dutch-speaking employees in Brussels (employer branding).