Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C°

by Luna

Callens, Pirenne, TheunissenClient summary

Sector: Consulting & Services
Client’s target group: B2B

Luna’s role: Business development Partner
Activity: E-mail shots

Period: 2015
Region: Belgium


Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° is a professional audit and accounting firm that was founded in 1936. Luna handled the invitations for the ‘Board Engagement on technological (r)evolution’ event for senior executives that was organised by Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C°. The speakers at this event covered topics such as the challenges presented by disruptors such as Airbnb and Uber.

Luna wrote the invitation to the event as well as the website text setting out the programme. Personal invitations were sent from our e-mail marketing platform in the names of partners. Our client was provided with a comprehensive report, which, among other things, contained information on the number of people who clicked on the email, opened it and then clicked on the information contained in the actual e-mail. Luna also arranged for a tailor-made web module for registering for the event. More than 80 people signed up, making the event a great success for our customer.