Recruiting by PR: more CVs thanks to PR than by job announcements

by Luna

Companies struggle to find employees, let alone motivated employees who match the company’s image. Public Relations is a new way to attract good recruits. Human Resources operates on the basis of image, while PR builds this image. Potential colleagues can thus get an overview of the company’s activities and the type of people it employs, and this can often make all the difference. Our customers have told us they receive more CVs through PR than through traditional job announcements…

Public Relations aims to improve the way a company is viewed – not only for customers, partners, investors or prospective customers, but for future employees too. Efforts made by PR do pay off here. Candidates find it easier to get information about the company. This is why Luna advises involving both the Marketing Manager and HR Manager in the PR work. Luna thus has a clearer picture of the ins and outs of the company and its communication consultants can more quickly make use of each news topic.

Luna’s HR communication objectives are always to reach the ‘business’ press and trade publications such as HR journals, preferably through an original subject. In other words, through the publications read by future employees, whether or not they are seeking a new challenge.

Luna uses two types of communication with journalists. Firstly, its communication consultants write short but effective press releases. Secondly, it puts customers and journalists in contact through interviews. In terms of Human Resources, several approach angles are possible. Examples include:

  • The appointment of new staff, e.g. a new HR Manager who clarifies the company policy for HR;
  • A company that recruits x people and that is looking for x more;
  • A company that creates a new function;
  • The move to new offices, which improves accessibility and allows employees to spend less time in traffic or public transport;
  • The use of new means of collaboration, such as a mobile office or a platform for internal collaboration.

Furthermore, ‘ad hoc’ interviews are very important for HR communication. Themes that can be used include: talent management, compensation, employment opportunities, diversity, ways of cooperating, work-life balance, unfamiliar jobs, special hobbies, etc. Luna is always looking for interesting angles for its customers, as ways to capture the attention of journalists.

In short, do not jump to the conclusion that an HR-oriented subject is not in your target or is wrong for PR. That is just not true. All subjects can be interesting for journalists. Major studies are not the only way of getting visibility in the media. It is often the way the subject is presented that makes the difference. Luna advises companies to share all material available in our monthly meetings. These meetings are an opportunity to brainstorm potential subjects, beyond the usual ‘status and upcoming activities’. Many ideas often result from these meetings.