New members in Turkey, Peru and the United States for Luna’s international PR network

IPRN is an international network of PR agencies. Members of this network come from the four corners of the planet: from Canada to Chile, and almost every country in Europe, as well as Russia, Japan and China.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of our network, which continues to develop over time.

In recent months, we have notably welcomed several new members: Fevelin, in Istanbul (Turkey), Trend in Peru as well as (W)right On Communications, which has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Thanks to the addition of the latter agency, six members now come from the United States:

  • Akhia in Cleveland (Ohio);
  • Channel V Media in New York;
  • Health Communications JPA in Washington, Boston and New York;
  • Mekky Media in Chicago;
  • Steinreich Communications in High Point, New York, Washington, Los Angeles and in New Jersey;
  • (W)right On Communications in San Diego, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Luna has been Belgium’s exclusive member of this network for some two years.

We would be delighted to discuss your cross-border ambitions with you, and to tailor our work with our partners in order to make your plans a reality.

Contact for a brainstorming session (but of course with no obligation!).