Transporeon launches free Transport Logistics 4.0 Maturity Benchmark Tool

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Transporeon launches free Transport Logistics 4.0 Maturity Benchmark Tool

Transporeon, in conjunction with RWTH Aachen University, has developed the Transport Logistics 4.0 Maturity Benchmark tool. The free online tool gives shippers, suppliers and retailers insight into their level of digitalisation along with steps to better respond to the demands imposed by the market and the new wave of digitisation.

Breda, February 9, 2017 – The Transport Logistics 4.0 Maturity Benchmark tool is the basis for a joint study by Transporeon and Germany’s largest technical university to study the requirements on shippers imposed by digitisation. The name refers to Industry 4.0, where automation and data exchange are also key. Research into the area of Transport Logistics 4.0 began in the spring of 2016.

Science supports logistics sector

The goal of the joint research of Transporeon and RWTH Aachen University is to study the effects of the virtual world of the internet and information technology on real-world logistics processes in order to better develop tools to advance the next generation. The result of nearly a year study is that scientific analyses can now connect and prepare the logistics industry in the development of Industry 4.0. Transporeon and RWTH Aachen University will present research results in the first quarter of 2017.

Transport Logistics 4.0 Benchmark tool gives answers

The free Transport Logistics 4.0 Benchmark tool is now live. Simplicity and speed best characterize the tool, according Transporeon CEO Peter Förster. “A shipper has to answer only 38 questions. The tool then analyses the answers directly on the basis of various aspects. An example of this is the degree to which, for example, a shipper is able to interact with customers and to what extent he can automate processes.”

Requirements for digital works within logistics networks

The results of the survey show how advanced the shipper is in the area of Transport Logistics 4.0 by providing an overall score along with a graphical analysis based on eight categories of digitalisation. Professor Sabina Jeschke, PhD, of RWTH Aachen University comments on the development of the benchmark tool, “This new tool is designed to help shippers in answering important questions such as, ‘what are the requirements for working in digital logistics networks’ and what companies need to know to be ready for the challenges that arise in the future.”

Compare your results with those of other companies

Shippers who use the Transport Logistics 4.0 Maturity Benchmark tool can compare their results with results of similar-sized companies in similar industries or regions. The shipper will be shown areas of improvement and the potential profit to be gained with investment in those key areas of digitalisation.

How to find the tool?

The Transport Logistics 4.0 Benchmark tool can be found at


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