I4B with BRAVO-4 wins the Ghent Ring project, one of the largest PPP infrastructure projects

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I4B with BRAVO-4 wins the Ghent Ring project,
one of the largest PPP infrastructure projects

Brussels/Ghent, 9 September 2021 – I4B – The Belgian Infrastructure Fund has announced the selection of the BRAVO-4 consortium, of which it is a member, as the preferred bidder for the R4 West and East project (redevelopment of Ghent’s new ring road). This is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Belgium under a PPP (public-private partnership), with an investment totalling several hundred million euro.

Known as ‘R4WO’ (Ring 4 West Oost), the project includes the design, upgrade / renovation, financing and maintenance of a section of the Ring of Ghent along the canal linking Ghent to Zelzate.

The project has multiple objectives including: to enhance road traffic flow and safety, to improve the environment of the surrounding residential areas, and to create quality infrastructure for cyclists whilst also improving the Ghent port’s accessibility.

I4B is part of one of the largest PPPs implemented in Belgium over the last decade. The R4 project matches the I4B Fund’s purpose, as defined by its founding investors AG, Synatom and Federal Holding and Investment Company (SFPI-FPIM), which is to finance new infrastructure with a positive impact on Belgium’s economic development, while taking into account the requirements linked to environmental protection.

A public-private partnership

The R4WO project will be carried out under aPPP scheme, with 30 years of availability payments secured by the Flemish region. The construction works will start in 2023 and be completed in 2028.

The BRAVO-4 consortium includes, besides I4B, the companies BESIX Group, Stadsbader, EPICo and Rebel. It has recently been appointed preferred bidder to carry out the project.

I4B will be one of the main financiers in equity and quasi-equity of the project company which will be funding the construction and long-term maintenance of the new infrastructure.

A project that takes into account environmental requirements

Minister Lydia Peeters has highlighted the importance of this project for mobility around the Ghent region: “At least €750 million will be invested, in order to make the canal zone more harmonious and safer. The aim is to make cycling paths safer and more pleasant, as well as to create a better living environment in residential areas.

We have already started to work on the first intersection, for which a quick-win solution was found. Three bridges for cyclists will then be built, also relatively quickly,” said Mrs Peeters. “From 2023, the redevelopment work on 14 other intersections on the R4 West and East can then begin, with BRAVO-4 as a partner.

André Autrand, CEO of I4B, said he is delighted to see the I4B Fund participate in this ambitious project: “Apart from its large size, this is a sustainable project, which will enhance the quality of life for people living in the outer areas of Ghent as well as improving road safety. It will also boost the economy thanks to smoother traffic and better accessibility to the port. This large and emblematic infrastructure project will stimulate the economic development of the whole region for many years.

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About I4B

I4B-The Belgian Infrastructure Fund is a fund dedicated to long-term infrastructure investments that support the development of the real economy and meet the need for secure and reliable infrastructure.

With seed capital of € 150 million from AG, la Société Fédérale de Participations et d’Investissement (SFPI-FPIM) and Synatom, I4B aims at making investments – alongside key industrial partners in infrastructure assets – which offer stable and predictable cashflows, located in Belgium or in other European countries, alongside other Belgian entities.

For more information: https://infra4be.com

About BRAVO-4

The BRAVO-4 consortium is made up of 5 parties:
I4B: https://infra4be.com
BESIX Group: https://www.besix.com/
Stadsbader: https://www.stadsbader.com/fr
EPICo: https://www.epicofund.eu/
Rebel: https://www.rebelgroup.com/en/