PR partner

  • Does your organisation receive the positive press attention it deserves?
  • Would you like to improve your company's image and credibility?
  • Has a negative report on your business been published and would you like to limit the damage?
  • Would you like to reach a larger group of potential customers and also come to the notice of businesses outside your network?
  • Do the job vacancies you advertise fail to attract enough applicants?

If that is the case, we definitely need to discuss PR!

Luna has been active in PR since 1993 and maintains good contacts with a wide variety of media. You can hire Luna to work on your press relations in order to enhance your company's image and credibility or to position your company as an excellent employer. If negative reports on your business are published, Luna can assist you with crisis communication, because good communication calls for the right expertise.

Besides being active in Belgium, Luna also provides cross border services. Our media services are used by SMEs and multinationals alike.

Would you like to find out more about Luna as a PR partner?