Gas changes –

by Luna

La Gaz ChangeClient summary

Industry: Utilities & Energy, Government, Associations, non-profit
Client’s target audience: B2C (the public) & B2B (all gas professionals)

Luna, what we do: PR Partner, Content marketing & copywriting partner, Business development Partner
Activities: Websites, Campaigns Press relations

Time frame:  2017 – 2018
Territory: Belgium


Luna prepared the communication concerning the conversion of about half of Belgian gas consumers from poor to rich gas (cfr For this project Luna developed amongst others:

  • A concept: we suggested the chameleon as the logo for the whole conversion project and worked out the concept. It was then graphically designed by a web developer.
  • The website, in four languages (NL, FR, EN, GE). We wrote the web text and discussed it (at length) with the Distribution Network Managers and relevant government institutions (mainly FOD/SPF Economie).
  • The website for authorised technicians, with technical information for the gas conversion – not publicly accessible. We developed the concept and content, a web partner built it.
  • An information brochure.
  • The communication around several information sessions for different target groups (including invitations, an online registration system, and the practical organisation of the sessions).
  • A mobile app for authorised technicians: Luna suggested the development of the app, looked for potential developers and co-managed the development.
  • Writing / translating news items.
  • Writing and distributing a press release.
  • Preparing a dossier for download by members and relevant third parties.

The project was commissioned by, the Belgian Federation of Distribution Network Managers. We worked closely together with the SPF/FOD Economie, with the members of the association, and with several other associations who were concerned (like the suppliers and producers of electricity and the technicians.