Luna lands La Sambrienne

by Luna
La Sambrienne

Luna has landed a three-year contract with La Sambrienne, the social housing corporation for Charleroi and the surrounding area. La Sambrienne was created by the merger of five social housing corporations. Besides social housing, La Sambrienne also offers a range of rental homes for middle-income households.

Our society is becoming more and more complex, and communicating with the right target groups, using the right words and the right channels, is increasingly important. In view of this, La Sambrienne made the decision to hire a specialist agency. Luna landed the contract after participating in a public tender process.

We support the organisation by providing communication advice and handling press relations and other communication activities. We also act as co-spokesperson in crisis communication situations. We draw on our expertise in real estate and B2C communication when providing our services, and our projects include a global communication audit. Thanks to our combined offer of PR and communication, we are the perfect partner for La Sambrienne.