Make the most of current events

Every business wants to get its message in the press. However, that is easier said than done. Responding to current events is one way to ensure your communication is much more effective. If you have something to announce, you can, of course, do this whenever you wish, although some times of the year, and even days of the week, are better than others. However, if you manage to link your message to an event that has been in the news or an issue that is currently receiving a great deal of media attention, it is much more likely to be picked up by the press.

A real-life example

The image of the Belgians as keen on home ownership may be clichéd but it contains much more than a grain of truth. The Batibouw exhibition attracts many thousands of visitors every year, and huge numbers of people prepare for their visit to the country's biggest construction trade fair by leafing through magazines or newspaper supplements on the event. It is a perfect opportunity for businesses in the building sector to gain extra attention.

This is precisely what Luna pulled off for GreenSun, the solar panel installation company that has used Luna for its press relations since 2011. Standing out from the competition is vital for a company such as GreenSun, which operates in a market that is highly competitive and currently very tough. Good articles in the press can prove useful in this respect, and they also help sustain credibility. For two years in a row, Luna has gratefully made use of GreenSun’s presence at Batibouw to present the company’s new products to the press. The press releases and several articles published in connection with Batibouw 2012 are available here.