Think twice if you're planning to use accents in domain names!

Since 11 June 2013, it has been possible to create and register domain names including accents. But is this really a good idea? It's worth thinking twice, in any case. Many languages don't use accents, and some keyboards don't even display them. For example, English speakers looking for a hotel for their holidays in France won't search for 'hôtel' but rather 'hotel'. This is how you run the risk of your website being listed at the bottom of standard search engine results... to the benefit of your competitors who have a URL with no accents! We mustn't forget the habits of Internet users either, who are accustomed to website addresses in one word, without distinctive linguistic signs. Before you rush to reserve a domain name 'with correct spelling', do weigh up the pros and cons. Or go for the best of both worlds and register both URLs – with and without accents – to be sure of directing Internet users to you!